Who We Are

Founded in 2020 by Annette Schloemer, ACS Home Accents started its mission to spread ideas, inspire creativity, and become the trusted online resource for everyday living — cooking, entertaining, decorating, organizing, and more. With a tiny investment and a whole lot of sweat equity, ACS Home Accents launched Annette’s Décor to offer a broad selection of home goods and Annette’s Cooking to capture family favorite recipes.

As these entities gained traction, it became increasingly clear that a single brand and site would provide a much better user experience along with improved focus and service. In 2024, ACS Home Accents combined its operations under a new name, Zigeze.

Annette is the chief cook and bottlewasher at Zigeze, where we remain rooted in the spirit and heart of our original mission to become your trusted online resource for everyday living. We’re committed to providing top-quality products and family approved recipes, all while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and service.

What We Do

Zigeze is all about food, fun, and ease in the kitchen. We provide inspiration for the foods you want to eat along with the products and resources you need to plan, cook, organize, and entertain at home with ease.

Annette’s kitchen is much like yours. It’s the magical place where groceries turn into tasty meals. It’s where guests congregate. It’s where family and friends sit at the table and reconnect. It’s where everybody wants to be. It’s also where she makes and serves every recipe made available on Zigeze.

While preparing family meals, Annette uses many of the recommended products on Zigeze. We also select a range of other recommended products based on thorough research and testing. We are constantly updating and expanding our product line to provide a wider selection of items that make cooking and entertaining both fun and easy.

From the latest cooking gadgets to tasty recipes to entertainment and dining solutions and everything in between, you’re sure to find that special something every time you visit Zigeze. If you have a recipe or recommended items for the kitchen, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a note at info@zigeze.com.

Giving Back

Founded on the principles of helping others, we believe everyone deserves nutritious food to thrive and a comfortable place to live no matter the desperate situation or hardship they may be facing. That’s why we’re committed to helping the more than half a million people who go homeless and the more than 44 million who face hunger every day in the United States.

Each year, we give a portion of our sales to charities dedicated to feeding and providing safe shelter for those in need. We appreciate your support when you make a purchase on our site. Together we can make an impact in communities and families everywhere.


Meet Our Chief Cook And Bottlewasher

Annette Schloemer is the chief cook and bottlewasher here at Zigeze. With a Cajun and Japanese lineage, she brings an interesting twist and creativity in the kitchen. Read more »